My Reason Why For “Change the world”

Someone told me today that they liked my new song, " Change the world", because it had a true meaning and that it was making a difference, and had a purpose. Nothing in the whole world could make me happier then to hear someone say that my music was making a difference. For me, making music isn't about getting attention or trying to prove something.Making music is my way of trying to influence other's lives for the better. I've always said that music is what truly changes the world. Music is what brings everyone together in this life and is something everyone can relate to. People find true meanings of things and true inspiration from music. Music is a motivator. It's my biggest motivator. It motivates me to be a better person. It motivates me to help others, to love people, and it helps me personally also. Ultimately, music is what changes the world. About a year ago I was trying to write a song about a cause, that cause being individual people change the world. Michael Jackson sings about "The man in the mirror" and "Healing the world". I've grown up listening to Michael and those songs have become all time favorites for me because the message behind the songs are so strong. At this time, about a year ago, I was listening to a lot of The Beatles and to John Lennon and the song "Imagine". So I started to think, what if that man in the mirror started to heal the world? Imagine that. Imagine the world as a better place. Imagine all these things and how do we do that? We start with the man in the mirror and help others. This message hit me so strong that I wanted to write a song about it. My Song, "Change the world" starts off by stating the same message Lennon had of, Imagine a better life. Then it takes the turn to "what will you do? What will you be?" Taking the message to a personal level and saying that individual people change the world. After completing the song that was my message, every person can change the world- so will you? Recently I've gone through the process of quitting my life long love of basketball. Of course this was a hard decision for me, but when I knew that I was quitting for the purpose of making music, this thought came to me. Basketball is fun, but what is really going to make a difference in this world? I soon began to realize what the real meaning of my song was. Music is what changes the world. I sing in my song, "Change The World and Sing". This line implies that everyone has a song to sing. Everyone can do their part in helping others in making this worldbetter. My way of making this world a better place, I believe, is through music. So whatever your part is, whatever song you want to sing, come together through music. And do WHAT YOU CAN to Change the World. Change the world 



6 thoughts on “My Reason Why For “Change the world””

  1. Uncle Chris and I have shared your song with several people. Some we work with and others through facebook. Jordan, the response has always been the same…. WOW, he’s really good and what a great message. I know how powerful music can be, and you, Jordan, have been given this amazing talent. You will make a difference, you will change the world. Thank you for sharing your story and talent with all of us. You never know who you will inspire. Love you!!! I’m so proud of you.

  2. When I heard your song, the first thing I thought of was how much we need more music with this kind of message. Especially, with all the hate and division in our country today. It disturbs our souls. The natural man forgets that we are our brother’s keeper and your song reminded me. I’m grateful for your decision to create music, it’s already making a mark in the world. Love you!

  3. Every thought has energy, and positive thoughts are more powerful waves of energy. I sound bat crazy, however you can look it up if you don’t fell me. Keep up the positive energy, because I can feel it in your music.

  4. Jordan, as an educator I see many young people struggle to know who they are. I am so impressed with how, not only do you know what drives you, but how you want to make a difference. I know you will influence many people to try to make a difference. What many people don’t understand us that you don’t need to move mountains to make a change. I choose to accept others for who they are in order to make my change. People need to feel accepted in order to thrive…..happy people make happy lives! Keep at it and God Bless!

  5. Everyone that I share your music with has nothing but good things to say. I think you’ve got that special something. Dream big!

  6. Your song is very positive and uplifting, that is inspiring and makes me want to support and help people. Send it to the President, he might use it to help Change The World : )

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