What Have You Done To Change The World

Before I wrote about how I wanted to influence others to “Change The World“. I explained why I wanted to write my song. I would now like to hear from anyone to see if you have been influenced to Change The World and how you’ve done it! I would love to hear from anyone! Thank you for all the support and please go check out my video and GO LIKE IT!! I’m trying to get 500 likes!! Thank you so much. Change The World

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2 thoughts on “What Have You Done To Change The World”

  1. I I have always loved to help people and I have been involved with charities for many years and have always wanted to start my own nonprofit organization and with some small miracles and the way things have come together I am now so close to being able to live my dream . ” Mobile acts of kindness” It’s a platform where I will have a huge mobile home that will have a very noticeable wrap and I will be traveling from little town to little town Looking for those families that need some extra help or something to help them get through their struggles, families that are not looking for help these are the families that I will find by asking those in the community . Then I will bring the community together to raise money or whatever we need to take care of that family that is so deserving . Then we will surprise the family by t inviting them to the mobile home to sit down and surprise them by giving them a check or so many other different ways that we can offer help to them and we will film all of this and we will do Facebook live and have a YouTube channel where all of these different Projects will be filmed live . I want to help is there any communities come together and inspire as many people to do their own act of kindness . We live in a world where there is so much negativity in anyway I can help to inspire people to do the positive and to offer any act of kindness . Our saying is “KINDNESS BRINGS US TOGETHER” and I’ve always believed and have witnessed many many times that when we as a community come together to help for A worthy cause MIRACLES HAPPEN !! This is why I am so excited !!! Because with this platform I’m hoping to inspire as many people as I can and hopefully this will be a small part of changing the world to being a better place! ❤️🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

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